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This Beer Garden Is Among the Best Bar Franchises in D.C.

by | Apr 24, 2023 | General


Dacha Beer Garden isn’t just among the best bar franchises in the Washington D.C. area; we’re among the best bar franchises in the USA. How do we know?

We made #5 on the USA Today Readers’ Choice 10 Best Beer Gardens of 2022 list!

What is it about Dacha Beer Garden that put us on such a list? Well, grab your favorite beverage and pull up a chair, and we’ll tell you all the ways we’ve worked so diligently to make the Dacha Beer Garden franchise one of the best new bar franchises on the market today.

The Best Bar Franchises are Inclusive

When we envisioned Dacha Beer Garden, we wanted a place where everyone was welcome, even pets!

While we aim for a beer garden franchise like no other, guests should feel comfortable and encouraged to enjoy themselves with friends and loved ones for as long as they like. This is why Dacha Beer Garden is one of the best bar franchises in the country.

Long-time college friends Ilya and Dmitri were both working corporate careers when they became casualties of layoffs due to economic uncertainty. The timing was almost prophetic, because we had also been inspired by the idea of opening a beer garden together and had the perfect location in mind—a parking lot surrounded by chain link fencing in the Shaw neighborhood of Washington D.C.

Not many people could see our vision before we could make it a reality in 2013, but now, we have one of the country’s best bar franchises. Our open air space has a vibe others have described as so incredible, we don’t need to draw guests in with live entertainment or special events. The Dacha Beer Garden franchise has its own pull, and people love spending time with us.

The Best Bar Franchises Have Incredible Menus

“Their food is out of control, it’s so good.” That’s a common sentiment among guests at the Dacha Beer Garden franchise. We’ve also heard similar devotion to our bar menu. We have carefully curated a select list of wines, meads, and ciders.

But it’s the beer in Dacha Beer Garden where we shine. Our world-class Belgian, German, and American craft beers are what make us one of the nation’s best bar franchises.

We host a Beer Club every Wednesday, where we showcase craft beers from the best of our menu’s local, regional, and national craft breweries. Guests can sign up for free and earn rewards as members, and they have the opportunity to taste new brews, learn about the brewers, and give each week’s offerings a try in a beer flight. Members are also eligible for Dacha Coins and incredible swag as part of the Beer Club.

This is just one detail for what makes a Dacha Beer Garden franchise one of the best bar franchises available.

Now, let’s talk about the food.

It’s all beautifully presented, amazingly flavored, and not overly pretentious. It’s still the relaxing menu people are comfortable with for bar restaurant franchises. It includes sandwiches, wings, burgers to fulfill the usual bar comfort orders. For those looking for something with that Dacha Beer Garden style, we’ve got bratwurst and currywurst, “monster” pretzels, ribeye skewers, traditional schnitzel, mussels, salads, and the catch of the day.

For brunch goers, we keep our guests chatting over plates of smoked salmon, chicken and waffles, Nutella® stuffed French toast, salads, sides, and beyond.

Everything at Dacha Beer Garden is managed with tableside technology, too. Touch-free menu and ordering allow for a more sanitary experience. No worrying about a server taking your payment method out of sight to slide a magnetic strip through an outdated machine. There’s no trouble splitting the tab among a large group of friends. Everything is handled tableside with ease!

We’ve put a lot of energy in our menu choices, but the magic of Dacha Beer Garden is in the combination of our food and our atmosphere. The best bar franchises are the places where everyone mingles and guests are happy to see and be seen.

Dacha Beer Garden franchises naturally become such places, because people are instantly attracted to the local, community-friendly atmosphere we’ve captured. No Dacha Beer Garden franchise will be the same as any other, because the nature of each one will be based on the individual locations chosen by the franchisee to create their perfect beer garden space.

Invest in One of the Best Bar Franchises: a Dacha Beer Garden Franchise

Astute investors understand a quality brand investment when they see one, and we know Dacha Beer Garden franchises are one of the best bar franchises available in the hospitality market. How do we know? Our guests tell us over and over again.

Despite having a branded business model behind it, each Dacha Beer Garden franchise location will be a little different than other locations because each location will have a little bit of their community’s local flavor infused in the atmosphere.

What does it take to become part of the Dacha Beer Garden franchise magic? Qualified investors can expect an initial investment range between $1,730,000 and $2,670,000. This includes the franchise fee of $35,000 and ensures enough capital during the pre-opening process to fund initial growth.

We are incredibly proud of the Dacha Beer Garden brand we’ve built, and we’d love to see our vision open in more neighborhoods around the country. We believe everyone should have access to one of the best bar franchises around.

If this prospect excites you as much as it does us, and you may be a qualified investor, we’d love to hear from you! Contact us today to learn how to get started bringing the Dacha Beer Garden vibe to your area!