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This DC Beer Franchise Elevates Customer Experience

by | Jun 28, 2023 | General

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Dacha Beer Garden didn’t reach the heights we have as one of the top beer gardens in the country by accident. We did it by positioning ourselves as the beer franchise that pays attention to customer experience.

Capturing the heart of the customer is about appealing to their experience on multiple fronts: the atmosphere, the menu, and the value. But beyond that, becoming a part of the community is a cornerstone of what a beer franchise should aim to achieve.

Here’s how we do it.

Bring the Beer Franchise Menu to Life

What brings patrons to a beer garden? First and foremost, it’s the beer. So any beer franchise worth its salt is going to put extra effort into making sure the beer menu wows.

This is also one way the beer bar franchise can also ingratiate itself into the community: by promoting local and regional craft breweries.

The craft beer industry is a unique and eclectic segment of the overall beer-drinking market, and the nuance of flavors available is quite inspiring. It’s why, despite being a small portion of the overall industry, the growth of small craft breweries has run circles around the major beverage corporations.

Beer franchises can take advantage of many flavor profiles to capture their guests’ imaginations. These can be clean and crisp, sweet, spicy, fruity, hoppy, sweet, dark, sour, or smoky, or all of the above.

For the non-beer drinker, having an array of hard ciders and seltzers, wines, and inspired cocktails will keep the smiles wide and the happy times flowing just as well.

Food is a Conversation Piece at a Successful Beer Franchise

Good food gets ‘em talking. The more people linger at a great beer franchise, the better the time they’re having, and great food keeps people lingering longer.

When the food is so good, the guests can’t leave a single bite behind, the beer garden is doing its job well. Whether the focus is on being a beer bbq franchise or there’s a thematic aim, such as an authentic German Biergarten, the food has to be at the top of its game.

At Dacha Beer Garden, we went for a more authentic tribute to Bavarian biergartens with our beer franchise, where the food matches the bar menu and can be easily eaten in our beautiful outdoor seating environment. Whether it’s handheld or dipped, our guests love our menus and keep coming back for more.

Creating the Vibe that Shines

People gravitate to beer gardens almost naturally because of their outdoor setting and how their typical seating—long-style tables with bench seats alongside some cocktail-height tables for smaller groups—facilitates more social interaction. Having drinks with friends, in the fresh air and typically surrounded by plant life, gives the atmosphere a relaxed feel no matter the specific decor of the beer franchise.

By making sure the space has creature comforts, like outdoor heaters during winter or misters during summer, an outdoor tent, windbreaks to shield guests from the elements, and cozy lighting, beer station franchises can attract guests all year long.

Consider what the brand is passionate about and incorporate that into the decor. This can be done by hiring a local artist to create imagery around the space. By hiring someone local, you can get their advice on how to incorporate imagery that not only fits the brand but also speaks to the community’s values.

Create the Culture You Want to Feel

Developing an atmosphere for your beer franchise beer garden is about more than how the space looks, even though that is an enormous piece of the overall picture. We’ve all heard the phrase, “Actions speak louder than words.”

Let your beer garden show the community through actions that this is the place to be by hosting happenings that people are excited to attend.

Part of this will be taken into consideration when you’re scouting the location for your beer franchise before even entering into a lease agreement. You’ll want to be in an area where a beer garden is welcome and will enhance the vibe of the neighborhood rather than cause drama and upheaval. This piece of the puzzle presumes you’ve found a good, welcoming spot for your beer garden.

Become the beer garden everyone wants to hang out by hosting marquee events. For example, at Dacha Beer Garden, we host events such as Oktoberfest, Saur Beer Week, and big holiday blowouts that attract an exclusive crowd who want to see and be seen at our Washington D.C. locations in Navy Yard and the Shaw neighborhood.

We also have regular programmings, such as our Wednesday Beer Club, trivia nights, and other weekly happenings that attract locals with whom we’ve built relationships over time. Becoming the go-to hang-out means as much to us as when someone visits us as an occasion destination.

We also have made a name for Dacha Beer Garden by hosting opportunity events for fundraising causes and community gatherings. We’ve become part of the fabric of our communities in such a way that when people search for event venues to host their upcoming events, they think of Dacha Beer Garden. We’re trusted with important events that mean something to our guests, and we’re told time and again that we’ve helped our patrons and their guests throw an event to remember. What could be better?

Becoming the go-to beer garden as a beer franchise is about so much more than beer. It’s about the customer, finding what appeals to them, and then consistently meeting those needs every time. Creating a space where they’re comfortable, taken care of, and welcomed with a smile.

Dacha Beer Garden franchises have perfected this in our franchise model, and we’re excited to share that with passionate entrepreneurs who are looking for their next big investment adventure. Could that be you?